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Gallery: Judaica
Frame: metal over glass
Year: 1986
Media: ink and watercolor on archival paper
In 'Pandemonium', an interpretation of the powerful Bible legend, the bricks of Babel are still red/warm with the craftsmanship of the myriad workers. Mouths punctuate closely packed bricks, their multicolored tongues simultaneously babbling multiple languages.The bricks morph into a figure which emerges atop the tower. It is the ambitious, King Nimrod who, in his hubris, sports three faces in constant motion emphasizing the confusion and vanity inherent in his challenge to God. He holds no sword towards heaven, only the empty threat of his clenched fist. It seems that if one is to challenge the existence and power of God, it had better be done intellectually. The explosion of red and yellow spatters the horizon with the blood of destruction in the face of the breakdown of communication while the figures fleeing towards opposite directions in the foreground explore their own mouths in the search for familiar speech. All the figures appear transparent, for artists/artisans are inextricably linked to their creations. The four-colored rivers flowing out of the image represent human dispersion toward the four corners of the earth where they must unravel the intricate knot that has become human communication if they wish to survive as a species.
Dimensions: 30.5 x 22.5
Price: 3000.00

Gicleé prints on archival paper are available here.