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Gallery: Judaica
Year: 1998
Original Media: sumi ink with acrylic on archival paper
With 'Ezekiel's Artifact', I have imagined a fragment of the prophet's mystical 5th century vision. Only a segment of the text of Ezekiel's testimony and one wheel of the Divine Chariot are shown, representing the idea that as mortal beings (with the exception of a learned adepts like Rabbi Akiva), we are only given clues to the nature of our existence and never permitted to see the entire picture that is our past, present and future.

GicleƩ prints on archival paper
23.00 x 23.00  
GicleƩ prints on archival paper
11.50 x 11.50  
Ezekiel's Artifact

@ Ilene Winn-Lederer 1998