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Title:   Notes From London: Above & Below
Style:   Full-Color Offset Print, Perfect-Bound
Notes From London: Above & Below is an unusual 40 page collection of annotated illustrations culled from journals carried on her travels there between 2002 and 2009. These images are more than the straight reportage of Brits, bridges, buildings and double-decker buses that characterize travel brochures, posters and a myriad of merchandise. They are a synthesis of actual experiences filtered through her mind's eye that sees whatever, wherever and whenever it wishes. The annotations that accompany each image also synthesize the factual and the fantastic reflecting the idea that London is a visual smorgasbord for an array of appetites ranging from the simple to the sublime. It is a city whose streets, roundabouts, lanes and mews are lines in the map of human history. Individual prints from this book may be ordered from the "Notes From The London Underground" gallery on this site. "The illustrations are superb!" -Boris Johnson, Mayor of London July 20, 2015
Size:   8 x 10 inches
Price:   30.00

Notes From London: Above & Below