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Gallery:   Codex Gastropoda
Frame:   unframed
Year:   2011
Media:   gicleé print on archival paper
This image in the Codex Gastropoda series was inspired by The German writer and polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who is credited with observing that “thinking is more interesting than knowing but not so interesting as looking.” Visually tethered to technology as we are, this casual aphorism characterizes our global culture in ways he could not have imagined, yet would probably have embraced with equal enthusiasm. But is our fascination with high-speed looking diminishing our ability to think analytically and understand the consequences of our thoughts and actions? I fear that to some degree it is. And books, those tactile reliquaries of conversations with minds great and small are becoming casualties in a virtual battle between the Warriors of the Printed Word and the Knights of the Kindle.‘The Burden of Knowledge’ was drawn with these thoughts in mind and in memory of the pleasures of the ‘Unbearable Slowness of Reading’.
Dimensions::   11 x 14
Price::   Original is not available

Gicleé prints on archival paper are available here.

The Burden Of Knowledge